The Connection

"The ultimate destination of our journey together, I'm sure will lead to disappearance. A journey worth beginning, again and again."

- Neo, Medidance Creator

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When and Where

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The Bigger Picture

Medidance is the finale of The Golden Guru (

The Evolution

I wish someone had asked me "What moves you to tears?" "What are you scared of?" "What do you long for?" "What are you thankful for?" "What are you passionate about?" "For what are you prepared to lay your life down for?" I wish I had been encouraged to see that society had put me in a box and that the only way out was the way in. I wish that I had known earlier that creativity is a process of unraveling layers of self-doubt. I wish that someone had told me there was a place beyond right and wrong and to trust the unknown. I wish I had been taught not to compromise myself, to live passionately and to dive heart first into the mystery of life.

Longitude Latitude Longitude Latitude

Landing progressively in body and heart is a necessary first step before continuing the journey inwards, deeper into being. This stage is called 'longitude' and 'latitude' and describes the process of literally plotting yourself on your very own 'map of consciousness'. Or in other words, being present to whatever is before attempting to go anywhere.

Presence is a precursor to be able to feel a genuine 'gratitude' that allows us to truly appreciate the good things in life. This opens a door into a place of deep inner connectedness that can eventually give rise to a spontaneous feeling of vulnerability. Raw and open we can get real and ask for help, allowing us to cultivate a genuine humble 'attitude' and befriend ourselves once again.

Who is it for What is it

Medidance is a contemporary process, a fusion of movement through dance and stillness through meditation. The journey allows people to go deep inside and re-emerge with a new way of being.

We can't change nor control events around us, nor other people, but we can influence the way we see things and how we respond to happenings.

Medidance is for people who are real and honest enough to admit that life is challenging, but who are wise enough to realize that suffering is optional.